Welcome to The Original Dublin International Tattoo Convention

Hannah Aitchison

Hannah’s Instagram

Hannah Aitchison specializes in bold, colorful, illustrative works including life-like portraits, pin-ups and classic Americana. She enjoys a technical challenge in the tattoos she creates. A single mom, Hannah worked two and three jobs while apprenticing just to support her daughter. When not tattooing or spending time with her daughter, Hannah enjoys painting, knitting, boxing and traveling.


Horimyo’s Instagram

Horimyo is one of the true Japanese tebori practitioners and he takes his craft seriously. Based out of Saitama, Japan, and learning his craft in the traditional Japanese method, Horimyo holds fast to the ancient art and ways that have made this style of tattooing not only a beautiful, but an exotic style to us [cough] uncultured westerners. Holding fast to the ‘old ways’, Horimyo does everything by hand, no machines are ever used, keeping the outline and color consistent in this traditional style.

Lydia Bruno

Lydia’s Instgram

Born in London, adventurous by nature and an artist since birth. Lydia Bruno has always lived by the motto “burn your own path.” Tattooing for over 8 years out of Albany, NY, Lydia specializes in black and grey photorealism. Her mediums include, but are not limited by: ink, coffee, blood and fire. Music drives her mechanical structure, and art is the blood that fuels it. She questions everything and believes nothing, until the day she can finally solve this riddle of life. Lydia was on Spike TV’s InkMaster Season 4 where she noted “this competition is like chess and I am the queen.”

Emily Elegado

Emily’s Instgram

Emily Elegado spent three years completing a traditional tattoo apprenticeship before taking on her own clients and has been doing so for the past 7 years. You may recognize her recent appearance on Spike Tv’s InkMaster (Season 5 – Rivals) where she was most notable for having an in-your-face attitude. Don’t let media fool ya, she’s a regular gal with an extraordinary talent to create permanent art. Although versatile artistically, Emily has a passsion for realism and portraits.

Aaron Is

Aaron’s Instagram

Originally an artist focused on watercolor portraits, Aaron Is spent two years as a tattoo apprentice before transitioning into a full-time career in ink. Aaron Is’ experience in photorealism, dotwork, and sacred geometry has landed him features in multiple tattoo publications, featured artist status on the tattoo convention circuit and a role as a contestant on Ink Master Season 5: Rivals. All of which has added to the notoriety he craves as an artist.

JC Sheitan

JC’s Instagram

JC Sheitan Tenet lost his arm 22 years ago, which stinks no matter what, but is especially rough if you’re a tattoo artist like him. But fellow French artist and engineer Gonzal partnered with JC to create not just a prosthetic replacement, but an arm that could tattoo.