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Hot Rod Hearse

Hot Rod Hearse

Hot Rod Hearse


Amongst the living are those who make sound waves, paint pictures, and conjure images to make the bad seem good and the good even better. Where feet meet dirt and bones meet soil, through mud and haze, drives the Hearse. A bunch of weirdoes, hell-bent on storytelling, with the power of persuasion. They move the shackled ankles and cut the chains of those who are slaves to their sins.

The simple things in life can inspire nations to rise and cause riots of overthrowing rebellion. These simple things are made up of pounding grooving drums, booming funky bass, and twanging warbly guitar. All this mixed up with a side scratching from Gerty, the washboard from hell, to add her banshee metallic cry to the mix.

To set it all off and to light the fuse, three different voices sound out: One the cherry on top, one the top hat on the pallbearer and one the boots on the hooker.

Having played the Strawberry Roots and Blackstairs Blues Festivals in Enniscorthy, the Free Fringe Festival in Leitrim and the Dublin Rock ‘n Roll Festival, Hot Rod Hearse released their first full album, “One Time, Pappie !” on the 27th August 2017. It was subsequently named as “August Album of the month” on Remy’s music and film blog. Hot Rod Hearse are a hardworking band, building up a grassroots fan base in the old school way. They are now booking gigs all over Ireland.

Their debut single, “There by the Road” was released in August 2016. Shortly thereafter, it was chosen as one of the Top 20 finalists in the Dublin City Rounders AltCountry Song Contest.

Hot Rod Hearse are:
Hotrod Suzi: Vocals, Washboard, Tambourine

Zeff Ryder: Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Cat Black: Bass guitar, Lead, and Backing Vocals, Percussion