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Lukas Om Shivaya

Lukas Om Shivaya

Lukas Om Shivaya

My passion for tattoos started over 10 years ago when I decided to get my first tattoo of Lord Shiva.

Over 5 years ago I have started tattooing as I was really amazed with this form of art.

My main fascination are all the tribal cultures from all over the world which used and some of them still are decorating bodies with their beautiful designs.

To me tattooing is something more than just a body decoration as for few years now I am on a spiritual journey in my life and tattooing is closely connected with this path.

My favourite tattoos ideas are the ones that have a spiritual and sacred meaning but I also really enjoy tattoos that are just pure ornamental body decoration.

Being a tattoo artist gives my big joy in my life and at times makes me feel like I am a shaman because of the tattoo ritual culture coming from the tribes.

My favourite tattoo styles are geometric, modern-spiritual, ornamental, blackwork and some of my favourite techniques are dotwork. I also really enjoy to combine heavy blackwork with delicate dotwork, sharp and straight shapes of geometry and flow of organic shapes and patterns.

It is a challenging job to be a tattoo artist as each of us have a unique soul which speaks in lots of different languages. Though I love the journey that sometimes happens before creating the right design